Growing up in North Texas, I always dreamt of traveling the world, and one day living an adventurous life. Late at night, I would watch nature documentaries on PBS, and as a kid, I would think to myself, there’s someone out there, on the African savannah, filming this - how can I do that one day? In my early twenties, I started taking every opportunity that came my way to travel, going on road-trips around the U.S., I spent a Summer in L.A., ran a marathon in Sweden, studied abroad in England and Spain, backpacked across Europe, went on mission trips to Guatemala, Brazil and Bolivia, got camera work filming reality TV shows in Europe, Mexico and the South Pacific, filmed documentaries in Africa, India, the Himalayas and Asia, made short films in New Zealand and Iceland, and spent more than a decade constantly traveling. My work as a cinematographer eventually led me to create a new home base in Los Angeles, where I currently reside with my beautiful wife and daughter. 


My passion is writing, and I get to make my living as a filmmaker.  I am a freelance cinematographer and editor, working on an incredibly wide-array of video projects for online outlets, TV shows and commercials. Video work has brought me into the oval office, around the globe, backstage and behind the scenes to all sorts of places and events. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for experiences I never could have predicted. 


This biography is always being re-written, as I learn and grow and even change, as I discover new things about myself, people, history, economics and the world.