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What Was Your Favorite?

Upon return from any backpacking trip, or extended travel with multiple locations visited, the same question is going to be asked: What was your favorite place? Sometimes there might actually be a straight forward answer, but on our latest trip, having visited 8 countries and some truly stunning locations, I just can't choose one. However one place definitely stood out - The Faroe Islands. Home to just under 50,000 people, The Faroe Islands are an "autonomous country within the Danish kingdom" (Wiki) - a country which most people don't even know exists. We spent 5 days there, driving all over the place on their very well-maintained roads. Because it was the start of the off-season and also due to the fact that they only have one very small airstrip servicing the entire country, we almost didn't encounter any other tourists. It's a special place, both modern and old-world, largely disconnected from the rest of Europe, seperate because it's a country of islands, and also I think, by choice. I can't even begin to describe it, or do it justice without a proper essay, but here is a picture of Gásadalur, a village of only 18 people, high on a cliff above a plunging waterfall, only recently connected through a long tunnel.

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