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The First Keystroke

As is so often the case, the roughdraft becomes the finished product. It's so difficult to start, but once the words are being typed, the pencil on paper, the camera rolling - the momentum continues to build, the desire to finish becomes stronger, the ideas come more easily and the mind and body feel loose and warm. That's how Honeymoon Pursuit came to be - it was just an idea, and a far-off one at that, to be filmed in distant lands. But with some effort, in costume, carrying a camera and tripod through the rapidly heating stone pathways of Oia, Santorini, we framed the shot, hit record, and just started. Once the first scene was filmed, we changed locations and tried another spot, and then another, until my shirt was so thoroughly soaked with sweat that we had to call it a day. Every location that followed had the it's own challenges. On the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, the wind picked up the lightweight tripod and dashed the camera on the rocks. Thankfully, it was after a lens-change, so our 50mm prime was spared. On the Aisle of The Isle of Skye, we were swarmed by a plague of midges so thick that we could grab handfuls of them out of the air. And so on and so on. All of that is a distant memory now, replaced by a short video, posted online for anyone to enjoy. All it takes is to start, and then to finish. In the end, how you got there doesn't matter.

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